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09 Jul 2017

Dance with Me

by Staci Stallings

rating: 4.6 (13 reviews)

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Kaci MacLaren’s ballet dreams came crashing down in one catastrophic moment.

For three years, Kaci has steadfastly guarded her heart to keep it from thinking she will ever dance again, somehow pushing what she really wants under what she needs to do to be successful in life. Then a chance walk down a side street ignites the fire to dance once again. Can Kaci keep her passion reined in, especially when the studio owner's son seems determined to drag it out of her no matter what she tries to keep it under wraps?

Josh Garrison hates to dance. He has ever since he was made fun of for it ten years ago. But Josh is in dire straits financially, and if he has to dance to make life work, maybe he has no real choice. Unfortunately, his partner in this venture is a headstrong, obstinate former prima ballerina who loves to dance but absolutely refuses to let herself love it. She want to focus on steps and technique when his spirit has always wanted only to soar on the dance floor. Can two polar opposites in life find common ground when they hit the dance floor together?

Find out in USA Today Best Selling Christian Author, Staci Stallings, contemporary Christian Romance, “Dance with Me.”


“Dance with Me” is a contemporary Christian romance novel filled to the brim and overflowing with real romance. The dance sequences create a poetry all their own, and the relationship between Kaci and Josh is both magical and challenging. Both have their way of dancing and living, and they are determined to prove their way is the only way. However, as the masks come off and their true realities begin to be unveiled, what appeared to be differences just might not turn out to be so different after all. Inspirational, hopeful, and heartbreakingly romantic, “Dance with Me” will surely find its way into reader’s hearts and onto their to-be-read-again-and-again shelves.

rank: #1,756
price: $0.99
bound: 771 pages
publisher: Spirit Light Publishing (May 16, 2017)
lang: English
asin: B06X6JFMCM
filesize: 2037 KB

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